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Get Ready For Winter, Calgary!

Looking For The Best Residential Snow Removal Company In Calgary For The Winter Season? Look No Further.

We’ve got you and your YYC property uncovered… from all the snow that is! No longer will you have to dread the task of clearing snowy driveways or sidewalks again!

With PALACE, you get the top choice for quick and responsive residential snow removal services in the city of Calgary. Not all homes are the same, and not everyones needs are alike. That’s why we make our snow removal packages buildable to suit your service criteria. You can also add on optional features like ice melt application and special service areas.

Our status update system regularly notifies you once the job is completed so you know that your homes driveways, sidewalks and paths are freshly cleared when they need to be! You’ll never have to worry about a snowstorm again, regardless of if you’re out of town, on a tropical beach vacation, or just simply at work watching the snowflakes fall down.

Calgary, we are so excited to save you from frozen hands and achy backs all season long while we clear away your snow removal needs! Stop the brain freeze and stay warm this season while handing us the shovels and winter coats!  You’ll be glad you did!

Now, let’s get started.


Sit Back, Relax & Leave The Snow Clearing To Your YYC Pro's

Unlimited Monthly

Vacation Plan

Pay Per Push

One Time Clearing

Our Promise To You & Your Home, Calgary:

24 Hour Snow Removal Guarantee*

We offer services that are aligned to the Calgary snow removal bylaws, which keeps you fine-free all winter long. We make sure that the white stuff is cleared away from pavement areas within 24 hours of the snowfall ending.*

Peace of Mind Removal Updates

There’s no need to wonder if the job got done while you are at work or on vacation. We provide regular status updates on your freshly cleared driveway or sidewalk. Set it, forget it, and let us take the load of snow off your list.

Unlimited Service Dispatching & Upkeep With No Extra Fees

If servicing is necessary, we come out and get the job done! We work on mother natures clock and we all know how she likes to play…

Do You Have More Than One Property That Needs Snow Removal This Year? Multi-Property Management & Commercial Snow Removal Quote Inquiries Are Available Too!​

Simple Online Booking System

We offer fair and economical pricing service structures to help suit everyones budgeting needs. Our winter package options can be personalized to your desire & removal needs with our service options available online to view and set up as easy as 1-2-3!

Insured Quality & Team

We've got the right team and all the tools to get the job done right & well! Our clients are always satisfied with our work & you will be satisfied as well! We ALWAYS go above and beyond as a team and do our best to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ's

Our Snow Removal Services

Once the snow begins to fall, our alert system begins to kick in. Email notifications are sent directly to you as our crews march out on their snow clearing missions. Once the snow removal is completed, you will also receive a follow up confirmation for the services as well.

If you have the Unlimited Monthly Plan, we come out as many times as necessary with no hidden costs or fees for excess snow or frequent visits. On average (and weather dependent), we dispatch our snow crews for Calgary snowfalls around 15 times a month.  If it snowed every day in a month, we would be out clearing snow every day at no extra charge to your monthly flat rate.

Typically, we head out to start the snow routes as soon as the snowfall finishes. If the snowfall is on the heavier side of things, we like to get a head start and will often stop over mid-snowfall for a base clearing and then return to your property again for a final snow removal session once the heavy snowfall has ended. Calgary snowfall doesn’t work on a set schedule so we can’t guarantee an exact time for your snow to be cleared. However, we always start the snow removal as early as we can.

Our posted rates for monthly and vacation snow removal plans will not change month by month through the winter season. This means your rate always stay the same. The only time we may require a “clearing reset” fee is when reasonable upkeep has not been upheld prior to our team attending to your property for servicing.

Our posted rates for one time snow removal clearing services are also based on reasonable upkeep prior to our crews attending your property. Depending on the prior upkeep, there can sometimes be additional fair rate fees. Here are a few scenario’s to help explain what we mean:

Scenario 1: You went away for a long weekend and forgot to check the weather forecast before you left. Now it’s Saturday and its snowed intermittently for three days in a row. You’re returning to Calgary tomorrow but want to save yourself from a possible fine or shovelling when you get home. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered at no extra charge. This would also be a great time to look into our Unlimited Monthly Snow Removal Plan as well!

Scenario 2: Its snowed on and off over the last month, to be fair – you were still in slight winter denial until now. Over the last month the snow accumulated on your driveway and instead of shovelling it, you would look at it, shed a tear and then drive over it into your garage hoping it would just go away on its own. Now reality has finally set in and there is quite a bit of hard packed snow and new snow that has fallen on top of it since the most recent snowfall. It’s time to do something about it. In this scenario, we would sometimes require a “clearing reset” fee to prepare your property for regular dispatch clearing through our unlimited snow removal or vacation plans. If you are ready to face the remainder of the season yourself and just need a one time clean up on aisle snowstorm to reset your system, we’re happy to help with a fair rate fee.

Calgary’s winter season is typically quite long but that doesn’t mean that snow removal services provided by us have to extend through the whole winter term. The only commitment we ask is that you give us at least 48 hours notice if you would like to cancel so that we can make sure our systems have time to update accordingly. We don’t have any penalties for cancelling and we will continue to serve you until your cancelled plan runs out. This means, if you have already paid for December snow removal services but half way through the month you decide to cancel for January, we’ll continue to clear your snow until 11:59PM on December 31st so that you still receive the services for payments observed (unless otherwise requested).

Absolutely! To make arrangements to have special or uncommon areas cleared, please give us a call at 403-111-1111 or email us at From there, we can add on any special requests for snow removal to your booking or plan and provide details on additional fee requirements if necessary.

In multi-day snowfall events, we continue to provide regular services for our unlimited plans. We still come out to your property to remove the snow once every 24 hours.

Often times, our crews start in the early morning and will stay out as long as is required. During heavy snowfalls, our team can be going for many hours straight. Our commitment is strong and we are always ready to take on the challenge!

We align our dispatching with the city of Calgary snow removal bylaws for clearing. That means, the snow gets removed within 24 hours of snowfall stopping. In some situations, it may snow excessively over a longer period of time. When heavy snowfall’s like this occur, we may often make a trip mid-snowfall and come mack multiple times along the way.

Snow removal technology has come a long way since the classic snow shovel! We utilize everything we can to get the job done right! We have a fleet of equipment ranging from snow shovels to ice chippers to snow blower devices and more! Everything to get the job done! Our Equipment is safe to use on driveways and won’t cause any damage to surfaces.

Our crews provide snow removal and clearing services throughout the entire city of Calgary, if you’ve got snow, we’re ready to serve! No community is left behind! Whether you’re located in the NW, SW, NE, or SE – Our team is ready for your needs. We also offer snow removal services in Airdrie and will be expanding to other areas in the near future!

Ice Melt is typically a mixture of salt and other compounds like sand which help keep your walkways free of ice and safe. Salt lowers the freezing point of water from melting snow which in turn prevents ice from forming while the sand and other compounds provide traction for the surface. Adding ice melt to your service plan can slow down and help to prevent slippery patches and areas from forming over time. A little salt on your sidewalk after a light snowfall can go a long way in the big picture!

The choice is yours. We only use it when it’s reasonable to apply and it’s only applied to areas where ice may be likely to form. Our Ice Melt is also eco-friendly and non-toxic to animals.

What Are The City Of Calgary Snow Bylaws?

Under Section 67 of the City of Calgary Street Bylaw, it is required for all Calgary property owners and/or Occupants to:

Remove a minimum 1.5 meter width of snow and ice down to bare pavement from all public sidewalks bordering their private property within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. Snow or ice removed from a public sidewalk may be placed on public property such as the road or boulevard, provided that its placement does not create an obstruction. All snow and ice removed from private sidewalks must be placed within private property.

Between the start of winter 2019 and January 2020, the City of Calgary issued over 2000+ warnings and numerous fines relating to residential snow removal violations. If a property owner or occupant is found to be violating the bylaw and doesn’t clear the snow from the required areas, the city will clear the sidewalks and then invoice the property owner for the cost of the removal services; this includes a minimum charge of $150 possibly going above that to a maximum of $750 plus GST and administrative fees. For repeat offenders, it’s even possible to be ordered to court. If the charges are not paid for, the costs will be compounded on to the property owners property tax bill for collection.

The City of Calgary noise restriction is in effect between 10:00 pm to 7:00 am, Monday to Saturday and  between 10:00 pm to 9:00 am on Sunday’s and holidays. However, when the Calgary snow removal bylaw comes into effect, all types of engine powered devices which are to be used for snow clearing and removal become exempt during the 48 hour period following the snowfall. This allows for optimal snow removal standards to be acted upon and enjoyed by residents of the city.

311 is the dedicated municipal number to call so that you can reach the City of Calgary information centre and initiate requests. If the city pushes snow onto your property during their service route work, they are obligated to come back to remove it at your request. On occasion, snow can drift back onto your property from other areas even after we’ve stopped by and between snowfalls. We often set up regular check-in routes to make sure your property is in the clear.

The short answer is yes. Fines range from $150.00 – $750.00 plus GST and administration fees. For repeat offenders, a court appearance may be necessary. It’s never worth risking a fine. That’s why we are here for you.

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