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Our Mission For YYC:

Our mission for Calgary has always been to go above and beyond while providing exceptional contracting services at competitive prices in a variety of areas that we’ve recognized are essential for our clients needs. The concept is simple – By combining quality, value, reliability, trust, our exceptional knowledge of trades services and skills, we’re able to offer you, our client, a One-Stop Shop for all your Calgary general contracting needs. You name it, we can do it!

Think of Palace as your All-In-One Swiss Army Knife when it comes to home contracting services. We’ve essentially been able to eliminate the headaches of searching for individual contracting service providers, taking the time to inquire to multiple companies and never hearing back, businesses wasting your time with inflated quotes & we take the risk out of hoping that a contractor will provide quality services once hired. With Palace, you know the job is done properly, to a superior standard & at a competitive, economical rate. 

Exceptional Services

At Palace, one of our most valuable strengths is that we’re all unique individuals who come together as a collective to form a superior contracting team. 

Everyone on our team brings something special to the table. With extensive knowledge of a variety of services and trades, we’ve got the full stack to make your life easier and get the job done right!

All-In-One Reliability

We are the #1 trusted team that you can rely on in Calgary to get your contracting project done! Whether your project is big or small, we are ALWAYS up to the task!

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